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Propulsion system diagnosis – Marine

Easily monitor the condition of several engines simultaneously with accurate condition indicators. Real time condition monitoring system for all types of combustion engines.

Based on torsional vibration measured by speed sensor. Analyzes the thermal and mechanical operating condition of an engine.

Product features
Two and four stroke engines
Up to 24 cylinders
Inline and V-type engines
Diesel, natural gas, gasoline and heavy oil engines
Cylinder-specific diagnosis requires only two speed sensors
Existing speed sensor signals can be used if available
Independent of manufacturer

The Solution also allows crews to diagnose turbochargers, alternators, and bearings on their powertrain. Additionally, the torque module provides operators a measurement of static and dynamic torque on the vessel’s shaft. Diagnostic data of a complete fleet can be analyzed through the use of a central database, enabling fleet owners to optimize maintenance time and avoid excessive fuel consumption.

What it monitors
Main and auxiliary engines
Alternators Benefits
Reduce maintenance costs
Minimize downtime
Save fuel and operating costs
Reduce emissions
Avoidance of unnecessary shutdowns
Early detection of impending failures
Quick ROI and reduced energy cost
Easy retrofit on all powertrains
Significant savings due to targeted maintenance
Extended and optimized propulsion system lifetime