GIS Services

I Series is a recognized provider of location technology services and data solutions. As a company, our objective is to help our clients achieve their goals towards operational excellence.

Over the last 20 years, we have established a solid reputation in the global market as a provider of spatial technology and services.

We have broad experience with every known geospatial technology and a client portfolio consisting of F500 companies, government agencies and PSUs, who we have served directly or through partners


Hands On Experience in Digitizing Topomap, Geological, Magnetic Contour, City Maps, Raster to Vector Conversion.

Iseries is proud to be licensed to fly drones in the state of Qatar, We will be able to capture all aerial images which when processed will be able to use in various mapping capabilities like; Parcel Mapping Digitizing Parcel data from Legacy Data with Township and Range information, Georeferenced and Attributed Parcel ID with Joined Non-spatial GeoDatabase

Image Analysis

iSeries delivers its image processing capabilities, Lidar data with right location and altitude features to capture the utilities in real world co-ordinates

iSeries offers Data acquisition and data processing services with Lidar datasets to enable right decision making for utility companies, Transport companies, Energy companies and Governmental Organizations

Land-use planning
Land-cover change detection
Natural resources mapping
Energy production & supply distribution
Voice Communication System