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Factory process automation using Artificial Intelligence….

Every production facility needs Predictive Maintenance to immune itself from various plant issues, This is enabled using AI from Edge to Cloud for operators and can be deployed in minutes and get AI-enabled real-time insights

We deliver the data driven maintenance platform from our partners Borde

The Edge Data Platform (EDP) is a dust and water resistant,  Borde branded or 3rd party device. EDP provides connectivity to 3rd party or Borde branded sensors and a machine learning platform in a plug & play manner, for operators to get real-time  and historical visibility of the equipment.

Built on the foundational EDP, Borde provides add-on skills such as Autonomous Edge- that enables AI-enabled alerts and other AI-enabled features. EDP can work autonomously when the data lake/cloud is not available or  with your existing data lake/cloud to bring additional skills. Operators are now getting the AI-enabled smart assistant- that deploys easily, runs 24×7 and predicts equipment failures.

Built by Big Data experts who bring years of building market-leading Big Data products, so operators can focus on their business.