Engineering Services

iSeries offers the complete design and detailing services for Mechanical, Electrical and MEP Services with its dedicated team of dynamic engineers


Chilled Water System Design.
Variable Air Volume Design.
DX System.
Chilled Beam System.
Radiant Cooling System.
District Cooling System
Ventilation System for Toilets, Electrical Room etc,,.
Pressurization for Staircase, Lift Well & Lift Lobby.
Basement Ventilation System.
Data Centre cooling system.


High Voltage Distribution
Captive / Standby Generation
HT Power Distribution
LT Power Distribution
Power Distribution with in Buildings
Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)
Power Control Demand Control
Lighting Protection and Load Rolling System
Energy Monitoring
External Low Voltage Distribution
Emergency Lighting


Water Supply, Treatment, Distribution
Plumbing Works
Sewage Collection, Treatment, Disposal and Reuse
Storm Water Drainage
Rainwater Harvesting & Recharging
Swimming Pool Systems
Irrigation System

Fire Fighting

Hydrant Systems & Sprinkler Systems
Water Mist Fire Suppression.
Wet & Dry Risers.
Requirements Related to FM Global/NFPA all International Norms
Ethernet Switching Solutions
Core Level Ethernet Switching Solution to Consolidate Communication Links & Services
Access Level Switching Solution to Connect end Clients
Internet (WAN) Routing Solution
Network Security System
Wi-Fi Solution
Network Access Management Solution
Master Plan Development with Fiber Optic Network
Voice Communication System
TDM Based EPABX System
IP Telephony (IP PABX) System
Voice over Wi-Fi (Wireless Ethernet Solutions)
Voice Communication System
Network (Data) Security System
Network Perimeter Security
Gate Protection System
User Authentication, Authorization & Accounting System
LT Power Distribution
End Point Security System
Building Information Modelling Services

iSeries provides BIM services to create related models to all agencies and utilities involved in the process of a project execution starting from design , detailing to final shop drawings through an intelligent 3D model. The information puts across relevant information to all stake holders of the project with all levels of inputs to architects, engineers, contractors and owners.
All types of clash detection of utilities, BOQ’s , Cost Estimation and escalation from conception to implementation at various stages can be envisaged.

ELV Services
Integrated Security system
Video Surveillance System
DVR based Analog Camera System
NVR based Hybrid system (Analog with Encoder/Decoder)
Server based based IP Camera with NVR
Access Control System
Access control with Biometric/RFID
Access Management Software application
Visitor Management System
Gate Automation System
Boom Barrier system
Under Vehicle Scanning System
Bollard / Tyre Killers / Crash Guard
Baggage Scanner

Virtual Design office services

At iseries, We offer our clients a dedicated workforce for all their requirements, These dedicated Workforce will be our Client’s Virtual Design Offices in India which understands their complete work flow on various departments , design standards for technical domains and the VDO team in India shall deliver and adhere exactly the same standards without any Deviations.

Your VDO team shall take care of all your operations and help you reduce costs and at the same time does not compromise on the quality of deliverables, We also send the team leaders who are working for your deliverables in India for a clear training helping the back end team for right deliverables.

The VDO team will cater to:
HR Requirements and daily HR communications
Having interviews for your staff before hiring and verification reports
Design and Detailing for MEP, ELV, Architectural, Structural from design stage till asbuilt stage

Iseries with its partners has been very successful in setting up these VDO Models as the cost or Operation for the clients is reduced to almost 1/5th of the actual cost. Taking the advantage of the advanced communication network, feedback and inputs from the clients is possible which makes co-ordination seamless and the VDO team shall deliver the right Solutions be it administrative or Technical.

Iseries as an option to the clients shall establish a VOIP Connectivity with the Client’s team for proper co-ordination which is required for obtaining any clarifications which is imperative in any Engineering Design Solution.

The VDO team will cater to:
One Project Manager
Two Team Leaders (based on Domains)
Five Design Engineers along with Draftsmen
Two Estimation and Costing Engineers
One Post Contract Engineer for O&M and necessary submittals
One Co-ordinator from Clients side (Optional)
Secured working space with all necessary resources
Necessary Hardware and Softwares
Access Controlled space for Data Security
Cameras installed in designated work space for clients to view their VDO
Setup of Communication Network
Video Conferencing facility for co-ordination
The above Team shall work with a single point of Contact at the clients place.

VDO Working Model

The First Model would be that the Client shall pay to the invoice raised on Resources employed for the client’s project needs on agreed fixed terms month on month for the services rendered by iseries.
The Second Model could be a Cost Plus Model, wherein the iseries shall develop a complete back office support as per client requirements and an agreed margin is charged by iseries on regular basis. The Cost of Operation of Back Office shall be paid regularly by the Client.

VDO Benefits

Client will have its own work force at the cost of 1/5th which increases their profits 5 folds without compromising on their deliveries.
Client can increase their business by acquiring new clients as their investments interms of support and deliveries is minimized assuring increased profits and annual turnover figures